Acne Repair

Deep Acne Scars Removing Whitening Set

In accordance with skin metabolism remove the scars and care for the skin
Texture:Cream/Mask powder
Suitable for skin:All skin types, especially the group with acne scars
Detailed introduction
Product name
BEDOOK/Deep Acne Scars Removing Whitening 2-in-1 Set
Set bags include
Pore-tightening & Scars-removing Cream 30g+Moisturizing Cleansing Cream 100g+Pore-tightening & Scars-removing Facial Mask 4g*2 bags 
In accordance with skin metabolism remove the scars and care for the skin, deep cleaning the skin bottom and break down pigmentation, effectively fade out the scars, eliminate the dullness and yellow skin, purify the skin and tighten the pores, improve the skin capacity, enhance skin metabolism, and let the skin improve the white and tender skin.
Take proper amount of the Pore-tightening & Scars-removing Cream and apply to the acne scars, gently massage the face until complete absorption; Every bag of Pore-tightening & Scars-removing Facial Mask can be used for 2-3 times, apply once every other day, 3 times a week. In use, first pour in the mask powder, then dribble into attempering lotion or pure water, by the proportion of 1:1, mix into the paste, pay attention not to make it too thin, then evenly apply on the skin with acne scars. It is suggested to apply the mask for 15-30 minutes, and then rinse it off. 
For skin with acne scars, extract multiple precious plant essence, to quickly remove the acne scars and resume the exquisite skin, improve the skin capacity, at the same time, accelerate the skin metabolism, to improve the dull skin, coarse pores and other problems, with multiple effects including removing the scars and caring for the skin, etc.!Fully keep the plant essence ingredients vitality, and ensure the safety of the skin care.