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Men’s Moderate Acne Expelling Set

Deep cleansing and anti-inflammatory and antiseptic
Texture:Cream/Liquid/Gel/Mask powder
Suitable for skin:All skin types, especially oily and combination skin
Detailed introduction
Product name
BEDOOK/Men’s Moderate Acne Expelling Set
Set bags include
Acne-fighting and Oil-controlling Facial Cleansing Cream+Oil-controlling Balancing Toner+Toxin-fighting Cleansing Cream+Oily-no Tea Tree Gel+ Acne-fighting Moisturizing Facial Mask
Deep cleansing and anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, powerful effect in removing the acne, refreshing and oil-controlling, improve rough pore, blackhead and other problems, regulate skin secretion and inhibit acne relapse.
As the male skin tends to be oilier, with coarse pores, and most of them have moderate acne, removing the acne shall be not only efficient and safe, be more refreshing and nourishing, so as to prevent it deteriorate into severe acne. For acne that deteriorates into severe acne. Professionally developed set for men’s moderate acne skin, refreshing and oil-controlling regulating, instant soothing the acne and repairing the acne scars.