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Blackhead-fighting Storm Set

“Suction cup cleaning method” removes stubborn blackhead thoroughly
Texture:Essence/Mask powder
Suitable for skin:All skin types, especially the skin with blackhead and acne
Detailed introduction
Product name
BEDOOK Blackhead-fighting Storm Set
Set bags include
Blackhead Removing Gel+Pores Tightening Essence+Clarifying Mud Mask (with gift cotton pads+acne needle+facial mask stick)
“Suction cup cleaning method” removes stubborn blackhead thoroughly,Refreshing and oil-controlling and balance water and oil metabolism, tighten the pores and the skin, and prevent blackhead from recurrence.
Blackhead-fighting Storm Set, Based on the characteristics of the skin with stubborn blackhead and rough pores, “Suction cup cleaning method” removing stubborn blackhead thoroughly, deep cleaning and softening the skin cutin, unclogging the pores so that the blackhead and acne can be easily surface , mild formula to tighten skin pores, let the skin restore elastic, smooth and healthy.