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Strongest Anti-fighting Set

Deep cleansing, acne-fighting and oil-controlling, regulating skin oil metabolism balance
Texture:Cream/Essential oil/Liquid/Mask powder
Suitable for skin:All skin types, especially the skin suffered from the problem of acne
Detailed introduction
Product name
BEDOOK Strongest Anti-fighting Set
Set bags include
Acne-fighting Oil-control Cleansing Cream Acne-go Tee Tree Oil+Effective Toxin-fighting Cream+Renewing Tea Tree Acne-fighting Gel+ Acne-fighting Moisturizing Facial Mask+Clarifying Mud Mask (with gift mask stick)
Deep cleansing, acne-fighting and oil-controlling, regulating skin oil metabolism balance, acne eradicating and anti-inflammatory, deep removal of harmful substances and directly hit the root of acne, so as to quickly remove the acne, effective moisturizing, make the skin delicate and smooth, to restore the elasticity, care for damaged skin cells to promote healthy metabolism, update the damaged cells, and enable the reconstruction of skin. Safe, mild and effective formula, to control layer upon layer to prevent recurrence.
Strongest Anti-fighting Set, for the characteristics of fragile skin in the seasonal change of autumn and winter, specifically developed perfect solution for severe acne skin, refreshing and oil-controlling, effectively improve rough pores, dull skin, skin lack of moisture and other problems, powerful effect in removing the acne and eradicating stubborn acne, diminishing severe acne, inflammation and swelling, promote skin vitality, and restore the healthy elasticity and smoothness of the skin.