Moderate Anti-acne Scar-removing Set

Deep cleansing to the skin, effective oil-control to keep the skin refreshed
Texture:Cream/Essential oil/Mask powder
Capacity:80g+10ml+20g+30g+220g+4gX3 bags +4gX3 bags
Suitable for skin:All skin types, especially groups suffered from the problem of acne scars
Detailed introduction
Product name
BEDOOK Moderate Anti-acne Scar-removing Set
Set bags include
Acne-fighting Oil-control Cleansing Cream+Acne-go Tea Tree Oil+Effective Acne-fighting Cream+Pore-tightening & Scars-removing Cream+Clarifying Mud Mask (with gift mask stick)+ Acne-fighting Moisturizing Facial Mask (3 small bags)+Pore-tightening & Scars-removing Facial Mask (3 small bags)
Product efficacy
Deep cleansing to the skin, effective oil-control to keep the skin refreshed, care for the damaged skin cells and decompose pigmentation acne scars removing, regulate skin metabolism, effectively tighten the skin and improve the problem of acne-prone skin, promote the cell vitality, restore the healthy skin color, leaving the skin pour white, tender and smooth.
Moderate Anti-acne Scar-removing Set, professional set against moderate acne/acne scars, when removing the acne, rapidly eradicating the acne scars at the same time, precious plants concentrated multi care, removing the acne, eradicating the acne scars, cleansing and moisturizing in one step, to restore the natural health of the skin, fighting the acne perfectly without leaving acne scars.