【New Item】Acne-go Tea Tree Oil

Regulate and balance skin oil, purify pores and reduce blackhead
Texture:Aqueous essential oil
Suitable for skin:Suitable for all skin types
Detailed introduction
Product name
BEDOOK·Acne-go Tea Tree Oil
Shelf life
3 years
1. Aqueous essential oil, light texture, instant absorption, cool and refreshing, without excessive oily feeling to the skin; 
2. 12% Australian tea tree essential oil ingredients, resistant to harmful substances to skin, anti-inflammatory, removing the acne with proven effect, soothing skin inflammation, swelling and pain; 
3. Tea tree essential oil ingredients can regulate and balance skin oil, purify pores and reduce blackhead; 
4. Non-flavor, non-pigment, not containing paraben preservatives, reducing allergic source, hypoallergenic and low irritating; 
5. Tested for stability, irritation and validity, the product is safe, mild and effective.
1. Take proper amount with hands or cotton swab and directly apply to the acne; 
2. In facial cleansing, drip into water for use; 
3. Dripping into hot water for fumigation use, to regulate acne-prone skin; 
4. Applicable for daily skin care, help prevent acne and purify pores; 
Pay attention to avoid the periocular skin; slight tingling at the damaged place of acne, which is the anti-inflammatory process of tea tree essential oil, and you can rest assure in use. Stop using in case of irritation or rashes.
Extraordinary infection resistant and fungal resistant power, widely used for the treatment of various skin diseases, and included in the aromatherapy; with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, tightening the pores, removing the acne, controlling the oil and other efficacies, so as to help create healthy and pure skin.