【New Item】Effective Acne-fighting Cream

Best-seller for 10 years, effectively remove acne, smooth and clean.
Suitable for skin:Suitable for acne-prone skin
Detailed introduction
Product name
BEDOOK Effective Acne-fighting Cream
Shelf life
3 years
Best-seller for 10 years, effectively remove acne, smooth and clean. It is originated from the proven prescription of the Pharmacopoeia of the People’s Republic of China “Effective Toxin-fighting Cream”. Good at eradicating irritation, inflammation and cyst type, inflammatory acne accompanied by pain, swelling, white particles and other conditions. Anti-inflammatory, preventive, calming, soothing and cool, eliminate redness and swelling. At the same time of soothing and analgesia, effectively remove the acne, embellishing with repair and protection, and facilitate the healing.
Applicable at any time, take proper amount and gently apply to the acne. Use with effective acne-fighting moisturizing mask to get the best effect.The color of the cream is dark, be careful not to contaminate the clothing. Please avoid the area around the eyes and lips, immediately rinse with water upon accidental contact with eyes. Stop using in case of irritation or rashes. Keep out of reach of children. And keep in a dark and ventilated place. 
Specifically designed for acne-prone skin, fight the acne until we have won! With delicate and smooth texture, intimate care for the skin, leaving the skin exquisite and smooth. Non-flavor, not containing paraben preservatives and low irritating.