Ladies’ Moderate Acne Expelling Set

Effectively clean the skin, unclog the pores and regulate excessive oil secretion
Suitable for skin:All skin types, especially oily and combination skin,Ladies with moderate acne
Detailed introduction
Product name
BEDOOK Ladies’ Moderate Acne Expelling Set
Set bags include
Set bags include Acne-fighting and Oil-controlling Facial Cleansing Cream+Oil-control Tea Tree Toner+Renewing Tea Tree Lotion+Toxin-fighting Cleansing Cream+ Acne-fighting Moisturizing Facial Mask
Effectively clean the skin, unclog the pores and regulate excessive oil secretion, deep cleaning, anti-inflammatory and toxin-eradicating, acne-removing, to prevention skin problem from recurrence, soothing the skin and replenish the nutrition required for the skin, improve the acne-prone skin problem, deep care for the damaged cells and regulate skin metabolism, promote the cell vitality, and restore the health of skin. 
Mild formula to prevent relapse and moderate acne may deteriorate, which will seriously influence the healthy skin bottom, removing acne shall be not only efficient and safe, but shall also take care comprehensively, so as to prevent it from turning into severe acne. In view of the relatively thin, soft and delicate texture of the skin of girls, to launch the professional set, gently care for the acne skin, with instant soothing to the acne.