Oil-control Tea Tree Toner

Refreshing and not greasy, nourishing and not hurting the skin
Texture:Aqueous (including white powder sediment)
Suitable for skin:Suitable for all skin types
Detailed introduction
Product name
BEDOOK/Oil-control Tea Tree Toner
Shelf life
3 years
1. Innovative water and powder layered design, adaptive and regulating with physical absorption, double oil-controlling effect; 
2. Enriched with Australian tea tree oil, hamamelis virginiana extract and other precious plant essence. Weak acid formula, not containing flavor or pigment, refreshing and not greasy, nourishing and not hurting the skin.
Use after facial cleaning. Shake well before use, take proper amount with cotton pad or both hands and gently pat the face and neck. Pay attention to avoid the periocular skin. 
Australian tea tree oil ingredients effectively cleans and purifies skin, to regulate the oil secretion from the source; delicate plant powder to absorb excessive grease, keep the skin refreshed for a long term; appropriate moisturizing, prevent dry skin; anti-inflammatory and calming, prevent the generation of acne and blackhead.