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【New Item】Men's Agile Treatment Toner

With the efficacy of moistening and acne removing
Suitable for skin:Suitable for all skin types
Detailed introduction
Product name
BEDOOK Men's Agile Treatment Toner
Shelf life
3 years
With the efficacy of moistening and acne removing, it can make a confident man. Moistening and balancing the skin, with refreshing and cool experience, not sticky or greasy, hamamelis virginiana extract, phellodendron amurense bark extraction purifying tightening the pores, anti-inflammatory bacteriostat, regulating the skin to achieve the acne-free ideal state, BA ingredients endowing skin soothing feeling, and facilitating its repair, protection and metabolism.
Use after facial cleaning, take proper amount of on the palm or cotton pad, gently pat on the face and neck. Alternatively, use it whenever necessary. 
Please avoid the area around the eyes and lips, if it contacts the eyes, please rinse with clean water. Stop using in case of irritation or rashes. Keep out of reach of children. Keep in a dark and ventilated place.
Alcohol-free formula, easy to absorb, double purifying the skin, hydrating and moisturizing, intimate care for the skin, make the skin moistening sharp, makes a confident man!No pigment, not containing paraben preservatives and low irritating.