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【New Item】Glitter-up Lightening Treatment Mask

Intensified, deep and thorough repair and protection
Capacity:Content Mask powder: 3gx20 bags; Attempering lotion: 100ml
Suitable for skin:It is suitable for all skin types. For the skin with acne scars, dull, damaged and sensitive and other problems with intensified care
Detailed introduction
Product name
BEDOOK Glitter-up Lightening Treatment Mask
Shelf life
3 years
Intensified, deep and thorough repair and protection, resume the moisture and gloss of the skin prone to acne. Intensified care mask, skin cooling and refreshing sourced from carefully selected high quality raw materials, focus on acne scars, dull, damaged and sensitive and other problematic skin. Constantly hydrating, let the repair and protection ingredients quickly infiltrate the skin bottom, from anti-inflammatory, invigorating the blood circulation, repair and protection and other aspects, deep, thorough and intensified improvement to the acne-prone skin, repair and protect acne damage, so as to remove the acne scars, make the skin uniform and clean, refine the pores and achieve other skin care effects.
After facial cleaning, allocate the mask powder and attempering lotion at the proportion of 1:1, even apply to the entire face, using for more than 30 minutes, extend the time of use to get better effect. The color of the cream is dark, be careful not to contaminate the clothing. Please avoid the area around the eyes and lips, immediately rinse with water upon accidental contact with eyes. Stop using in case of irritation or rashes. Keep out of reach of children. Keep in a dark and ventilated place.
Long-lasting effect, make the skin bright and transparent, uniform and clean, exquisite, Three-dimensional renovation for the skin, to create refined, translucent, pour and flawless new skin. Non-flavor, non-pigment, not containing paraben preservatives and low irritating.