Whitening Moisturizing

Daily Care All Around 3-in-1 Set

Deep cleaning grease and dirt unclogging the pores, regulating oil secretion
Texture:Cream/Liquid/Mineral mud
Suitable for skin:All skin types
Detailed introduction
Product name
BEDOOK/Daily Care All Around 3-in-1 Set
Set bags include
Clarifying Mud Mask 220g+Moisturizing Emulsion 100g+ Acne-fighting Oil-control Cleansing Cream80g (with gift mask stick)
Deep cleaning grease and dirt unclogging the pores, regulating oil secretion, lasting acne-fighting and oil-controlling, highly effectively moisturizing to restore the tender and smooth skin.
(Use in the morning and evening) Clean the face with facial cleansing cream and toning, apply the moisturizing emulsion. Apply the Clarifying Mud Mask once every week, after cleaning, apply  the skin on the face and neck with approximate 1 yuan corn thickness of Clarifying Mud Mask, keep for about 10-15 minutes, clean with warm water and wipe it dry, pat with toner after it is clean and then apply the moisturizing emulsion.
Effectively improve the excessive grease secretion of the skin, lasting effect of refreshing, deep  purifying skin and unclogging the pores, tightening the pores and improving the dull skin, inhibiting the acne, acne and blackhead from generating.