Whitening Moisturizing

【Facial Mask New Item】Skin Care Mask 4-in-1 Set

Deep cleaning refreshing and oil-controlling, improve blackhead and coarse pores
Texture:Mask powder
Suitable for skin:All skin types,Skin with acne scars and acne
Detailed introduction
Product name
BEDOOK Skin Care Mask 4-in-1 Set (Deep Hydrating Moisturizing _ Scars-removing & Skin-lightening _ Soothing Nourishing _ Repair New Skin)
Set bags include
Deep Hydrating Moisturizing Mask +Scars-removing & Skin-lightening Mask+ Soothing Nourishing Cream+Repair New Skin Mask
Deep cleaning refreshing and oil-controlling, improve blackhead and coarse pores, anti-inflammatory and removing the acne, prevention problems, regulating excessive oil secretion, care for acne-prone skin and supplement with nutrition, promote skin metabolism, hydrating and moisturizing repair and protect skin, maintain skin oil and water balancing, balance skin water and oil secretion, to restore the healthy newborn skin.
Acne-prone skin has excessive grease secretion, with coarse pores that are easy to clog, therefore with higher probability to have acne than female, and the acne is stubborn, the professional acne removing set specifically for severe acne skin of men, not only is safe with powerful effect, but also deep repair the acne skin problems for men, to restore healthy metabolism, and prevent acne relapse.