Whitening Moisturizing

【New Item】Effective Acne-fighting & Moisturizing Mask

Provide both internal and external synchronous purification
Texture:Mask powder
Capacity:Mask powder: 3g*20 bags Attempering lotion: 100ml
Suitable for skin:Suitable for acne-prone skin
Detailed introduction
Product name
BEDOOK/Effective Acne-fighting & Moisturizing Mask
Shelf life
3 years
Provide both internal and external synchronous purification, acne removing and intensive repair. With excellent moisture holding function, to facilitate rapid absorption of ingredients, remarkable effect on inflamed, swelling acne and pimples. The attributes of the mask itself can endow sufficient, profound and intensive acne-removing repair and protection, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, redness and swelling removing, promoting blood circulation for the repair with the highly effective acne removing simultaneously.
After facial cleaning, allocate the mask powder with the attempering lotion at the proportion of 1:1, even apply to the entire face, using for more than 30 minutes, extend the time of use to get better effect.
Developed specifically for acne-prone skin, with unique acne-removing ingredients to quickly remove the acne, precious plants repair and protection, at the same time of acne removing, to enhance skin vitality, improve skin resistance, and renew the skin with the newborn charm.