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“Go Anywhere You Want” —Cenkon employees’ travel activity in 2014!

      From November 29 to 30, 2014, Cenkon organized all employees to participate in the travel activity “Go Anywhere You Want”. Six routes were selected for the travel activity. They were selected by employees via voting. These routes included Huizhou route, Shaoguan Nanhua Temple route, Zhuhai route, Qingyuan route, Zhuhai Changlong route and Guangxi Guilin Yangshuo route. 
      This travel activity respected employees’intentions, showed the company’s respect and care for employees and enhanced employees’sense of acceptance, belonging and loyalty for the company. It aimed at meeting employees’different demands and enhancing service accuracy, realizing “the enterprise cares about employees while the employees accomplish the enterprise”, making employees keep more positive and earnest working attitude and achieving Cenkon’s core value for common development of enterprise and employees. 
Huizhou route
 Shaoguan Nanhua Temple route
Zhuhai route
Qingyuan route
Zhuhai Changlong route
Guangxi Guilin Yangshuo route