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The third Cenkon sports meeting ended successfully!

      On May 31, 2015, the third Cenkon sports meeting ended successfully! Taking “Struggle · Enjoyment” as the theme, this sports meeting aimed at highlighting the enjoyment from sports after employees worked hard and struggled. It was divided into indoor sports and outdoor sports. The indoor items included Chinese chess, Chinese checkers, badminton and table tennis, etc. The outdoor items included the race between hare and tortoise, push and pull, basketball and sprint, etc. 
     The successful ending of the activity could not do without the efforts and support from every Cenkon staff. What was praised was that no one threw the cigarette ends and wastes in such a big stadium. The teams collaborated with each other, competed fairly and fulfilled the sports spirit of “friendship first and competition second”. 
Athlete presence
中通生化运动会开幕式   中通生化运动员风采


中通生化运动员风采   中通生化运动员风采


中通生化运动员风采   中通生化运动员风采